How-To Videos


How to add and delete devices in the X2 system and how to change box numbers

This tutorial will go into the contents of chapter of the manual of the X2-series.

You will lean how to register receivers with the transmitter,  delete them or how to change their box numbers

When the receiver is added automatically, it receives the most important radio settings of the transmitter. This includes the system address, security key and the radio frequency. The registration routine is therefore also perfect for adding rental devices to your system and for transferring changes in the radio settings to all receivers in an uncomplicated manner.
The settings are also transmitted if an already inserted device is registered again.

How to update the firmware of a X2-Wave-Flamer

This video will show you the process of updating and resetting the firmware of a X2 device in general and the X2-Wave-Flamer in particular.

You can find the necessary files here:
X2-Wave-Flamer  Downloads: https://www.explo.at/en/effektgeraete...
AutoShowCreator Download: https://www.explo.at/en/software/show...

Manual ignitions and EASY-Mode

In this tutorial we will explain the most basic methods of triggering a show with an X2 transmitter. First we will deal with the normal manual fire mode and then we will go into the easy mode, a particularly direct mode.

This Tutorial is corresponding to chapters 4.9.2 (page 69) and 4.9.7 (page 75) in the manual of the X2 Series.

Download of the manual for X2 Series: 

Installing the driver for the boot loader cable and check the COM port

One of the most important accessories for your explo system is the boot loader cable. This will enable you to transfer shows and firmware upgrades to your explo devices. The boot loader cable requires a driver to work porperly. How to install this driver is explained in this video.

Link to the download of the boot loader driver: 

Installing the X2-AutoShow

This tutorial is a short, quick guide to installing the explo X2-AutoShow.

The X2-AutoShow is a free and easy-to-use software for creating shows.It also serves as the surface for the Explo-Stick.