RX2-20K receiver up for order.


The latest addition to our receiver range is in full production swing and is already in high demand. So do not hesitate to order your own RX2-20K in time for your shows.

The RX2-20K is a receiver with 20 individually controllable channels. Due to its channelnumber and low size and weight it is especially well suited for indoor events or outdoor shows where flexible positioning of the receivers is important.

Thanks to a seperatly available mount it can be easily be mounted on angle shot systems or truss constructions, which allows for a space saving design of your shows.

Thanks to the bidirectional radio control important stati of the receiver (Ohm measurements on every channel, battery status and many more) can be checked at the transmitter.

The RX2-20K allows for extremely fast ignitions in steps of 10ms. Thanks to these features there are no boundaries for the showdesign.